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The Big M Productions: Where Creativity Meets Practicality

Founded in 2007, The Big M Productions is a creative consulting firm dedicated to providing a synergistic relationship between our company and our valued clients. Through a dynamic approach to business development and consulting, we work hand-in-hand to not only ensure growth and profitability, but also maintain the gears of yourself and your organization!


Have you ever heard the saying "You are only as strong as your weakest link"? We have! If there are any lose bricks, the entire company can crumble. That is where we come in! If you have an existing business or would like to start one, then take advantage of our development and management services and allow your organization to weather all storms!


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Our specialties include (but are not limited to):

Personal and Business Coaching and Development


Creative Writing, Editing and Printing Services


Graphic and Web Design


Event Planning, Marketing and Management


Theater/Musical Productions, Writing, Directing, Music, Management, Set Design


Virtual Help Desk and IT Services

Customer Service and Sales Outsourcing

Brand Building and Management

Board/Card Game Design and Production

Music Writing and Producing


Cloud Contact-Center Implementation, Training, Quality Assurance and Management Services


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