A Word From Mike:

We realize that many of our clients have wanted us to overhaul our website and we have listened to your feedback! Please be patient with us as we strive to evolve this website and its functionality. Keep in mind that our priorities are to serve our valued clients, meaning that website progress isn't as quick as we would like. For now, please feel free to contact us using the same channels you've come to rely on since our inception in November 2007.

Contact us with any business and consulting inquiries using the "Contact" tab.

As always, we appreciate your business and enjoy working with all of you in our quest to ensure yourselves and your organizations are successful! Here's a toast to all of you for taking the initiative to work with The Big M Productions team, and as always, we wish you all the best of success in your endeavors!

-The Big M Productions-

For information on our educational non-profit organization, visit http://www.theherowithinyou.org